Noise Monitoring

Chronic noise exposure in the workplace can lead to employee hearing loss. Operations more likely to have chronic noise exposure include, printing, metal working, welding, woodworking, food processing, textiles, stoneworking, paper and cardboard manufacturing, and chemical processing. A noise exposure has likely occurred when two people standing in a work environment have difficulty carrying on a conversation. Kyron can conduct noise monitoring and compliance checks, recommend noise engineering controls, train employees on the proper use of hearing protection, as well as assist in the development and implementation of a hearing conservation program.

When noise exposures exist, OSHA/DOSH hearing loss recordkeeping requirements emphasize the need for companies to have an active supported Hearing Conservation Program. A Hearing Conservation program is a requirement whenever employee noise exposures exceed 85 A scale decibels over an 8 hour work shift. The elements of a Hearing Conservation program include:

  • Noise monitoring
  • Baseline and annual employee audiograms
  • Annual training
  • Recordkeeping
  • Engineering noise control
  • Formal program development

Kyron can conduct on-site noise monitoring and compliance checks.

  • Task                                                                  Typical Costs
    Full shift personal dosimetry (up to 5 employees)   $1110/day
    Full shift area dosimetry (up to 5 areas)                $1110/day
    Noise mapping                                                    $880/day

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