Since limiting the lead content in household paints in 1978, various state and federal regulations have been enacted to control personal exposure and waste disposal activities. Although this commitment is widespread, determining reasonable and cost-effective solutions can be a challenge.

Kyron helps building owners and managers determine if lead-based paint is present in their buildings prior to renovation, demolition or construction activities. This is done by various testing methods initiated by lead trained or certified personnel. Following the testing, Kyron provides a comprehensive report of findings that include test results and location of each tested lead-based paint material.

Prior to a construction project disturbing lead-based paint, Kyron helps building owners and managers determine the implementation of proper controls and work practices to protect the abatement workers and to ensure work areas are properly cleaned for re-occupancy. Plans and specifications prepared by Kyron provide lead-based paint abatement contractors with a well-defined scope of work with detailed procedures to ensure the project is performed in accordance with applicable OSHA/DOSH and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

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