Accident/Incident Prevention Plans

Our services don't stop at identifying and assessing exposures. Kyron Environmental can help you prepare prevention plans to reduce employee exposures. Prevention of occupational illnesses and injuries from exposures to hazardous substances and noise may require various levels of control including product substitution, engineering controls, work practice changes, specialized training, or use of PPE. Corrective actions needed are often OSHA/DOSH related. Our experience working with these regulations and regulatory personnel can help you understand and follow required occupational health and safety standards. Other occupational health & safety issues are not adequately addressed by OSHA/DOSH but a hazard or liability may still exist. In these cases, we will advise you of recognized standards of care that will assist you in protecting your employees and your company from litigation. Examples of Kyron's services include:

  • Assistance in developing or upgrading written programs to address industrial hygiene exposures
  • Identifying resources to reduce exposures through engineering controls
  • Identifying work practice or administrative changes that could reduce exposures
  • Assistance in selecting personal protective equipment such as respirators, hearing protection, and chemical protective clothing
  • Training of employees and management personnel to meet regulatory requirements or improve work practices

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